PsychConsult Provider® Treatment Planning

PsychConsult Provider’s comprehensive treatment plan gives you the ability to associate problems with objectives and goals, keeping clinicians and administrators focused on solutions.

With Treatment Planning, you can:

  • Define elements, structure, and layouts to reflect your organization’s unique qualities.
  • Create one master plan or program specific plans.
  • Modify and save preconfigured symptoms and problems to create customized content.
  • Augment content with free text to individualize plans.
  • Incorporate symptoms and problems captured in initial assessments.
  • Assign coordinators to create and manage tasks.
  • Route treatment plans automatically to assigned clinicians for approval and review.
  • Integrate treatment plan content with progress notes and clinical documents.
  • Maintain multiple versions of treatment plans.
  • Capture client and clinician digital signatures.
  • Notify staff of date sensitive events such as treatment plan creation, signatures, and reviews.