PsychConsult Provider® Scheduling

Allocate resources effectively and efficiently with PsychConsult Provider's scheduling capability. Easy point-and-click menus allow you to schedule appointments, events, facilities, and staff time to maximize the use of the valuable resources that make up your practice.

For Appointment Search and Scheduling:

  • Search for appointments by date, location, payor, procedure code, and type of appointment.

  • Schedule appointments based on clinician characteristics, including primary language, treatment approach, demographics, and payor credentialing.

  • Satisfy and track access standards.

  • Record and report on accepted and declined appointments.

For Group Scheduling:

  • Create group appointments with the ability to add or remove members, resources, and clinicians.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry by scheduling a group that defaults appointment details to each member.

  • Schedule recurring group appointments automatically.

For Event Scheduling:

  • Create and track events such as community outreach activities.

  • Add event specific documents.

For Staff and Resource Calendars:

  • Reserve administrative time and allow staff members to indicate their availability for specific clinical services.

  • View calendars with flexible displays for staff, clients, resources, and locations.

  • Specify types of services that can be scheduled into an available time slot.