PsychConsult Provider® Reporting

Executives, managers, service providers and support staff require easy access to comprehensive reporting to address the challenges driving an organization’s performance. PsychConsult includes multiple reporting options for analyzing valuable consumer, financial and clinical data, allowing you to enhance consumer care and create more efficient operations. Dashboards deliver up-to-the-minute information critical to managing resources and meeting operational goals.

Reporting gives you:

On-Line Reports

  • Run and view real time reports.
  • Access report details and analyze data from a single screen with one easy click.
  • Report on financial, clinical, productivity, and administrative functions/data.
  • Sort and filter to select specific criteria and to tailor reports to specific needs.

Crystal Reports by SAP Business Objects

  • Create presentation quality reports defined by your organization and seamlessly integrate into PsychConsult.
  • View, print, or export reports in various formats (Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML, and CSV).

Reporting Services

  • Provides integrated report builder for report management and web site for viewing.
  • Manage report caching and user subscriptions.
  • Deliver subscriptions to email, file share and printers.
  • Includes built-in ad hoc report writer for non-technical users.