Registration with PsychConsult Provider®

PsychConsult Provider streamlines the collection and organization of client data and financial information. This feature simplifies an otherwise labor-intensive process, automatically placing relevant information throughout the system for quick and easy access.

With PsychConsult Provider’s Registration, you can:

  • Capture extensive demographic information, including family relationships, multiple alias names, employment, housing, education, and external identification numbers.
  • Maintain client address history.
  • Track referral sources.
  • Associate a photograph with each client record.
  • Designate client-specific alerts and precautions.
  • Record financial information, including insurance coverage, financial status, family income, patient copayment, and co-insurance.
  • Access real time eligibility and manage service-level authorizations.
  • Calculate and assign sliding-fee scales based on pre-defined parameters.
  • Access vendor subcontracting functionality to track services provided by external entities.
  • Add fields to capture information unique to an organization.
  • Maintain details for legal status and advanced directives.