PsychConsult Provider® Order Entry

An easy-to-use, automated order entry process gives a clinician more time to spend with consumers. PsychConsult Provider’s Order Entry streamlines the process for diagnostic tests, referrals, services, and medications. Compliance is addressed with an adjustable entry, signing, and verification process, and you can enter one-time, recurring, and verbal orders.

Order Entry allows you to:

  • Enter orders for organization-specific tests and electronically transmit to laboratories, radiology, and departments within your organization.
  • Use simple one-click functionality to reorder, sign, co-sign, or verify individual orders.
  • Configure an approval and verification process to your organization’s specifications.
  • Access multiple order views including unsigned, unverified, co-signature required, all orders, and order status.
  • Retrieve unit-specific work lists including Orders to Verify, Orders to Sign, and Orders to Co-Sign.
  • Define flexible order schedules as well as PRN with the capability to electronically transmit orders.
  • Enter and track service orders including seclusion, restraints, vitals, and observation.
  • Create order sets to simplify data entry.
  • Submit referrals to other professionals in your organization.
  • Record orders for medications utilizing Medi-Span’s drug information database.
  • Tailor content to meet your organization’s needs.