PsychConsult Provider® Caseload Manager

PsychConsult Provider’s Caseload Manager gives clinicians an intuitive, single point of access to manage their daily activities. Clinicians can navigate directly to critical areas of the application, focusing on the day's schedule and increasing their productivity.

Caseload Manager includes:

My Schedule

  • View scheduled clinical appointments and administrative activities for a single day or a date range.

  • Includes quick links to treatment plans, documents, and medication information for each client on the schedule.

My Caseload

  • Organizes and displays the clinician’s caseload for all clinical programs.

  • Shows key data including age, diagnosis, days since last seen, and primary clinician.

  • Provides quick access to clinical program assignment and treatment team details.

  • Assign temporary coverage and security permissions to staff members.

  • Sort and filter caseload by multiple criteria.

My To-Do

  • Consolidates a complete listing of all clinical documents to complete, sign, and co-sign.

  • Notifies clinician of assigned treatment plan-related tasks, including plans to review, plans to sign, and problems or interventions.

  • Provides detailed breakdown of tasks including phone calls, follow-ups, and more.

My Staff

  • View and manage your staff’s activities.

  • Includes user-defined productivity and compliance reporting.

My Lab Results

  • Displays lab results and incorporates options for reviewing and signing.

My Clinical Alerts

  • Lists clients that meet the criteria for clinical alerts.

  • Allows clinicians to review, acknowledge, and take the appropriate course of action based on the alert.