PsychConsult Provider® Call Center/Contact Manager

A client's first interaction with your practice often occurs over the phone. Staff members must be able to log inquiries and requests quickly and efficiently, while focusing all their attention on the caller. PsychConsult Provider's Call Center gives your staff the capability to access multiple functions from one central location. It automatically places information into relevant areas throughout the application for quick and easy access.

With PsychConsult Provider's Call Center, you can:

  • Reduce duplicate data entry by automatically populating information captured in Call Center throughout PsychConsult.
  • Search for existing records using Soundex or by alpha/character search.
  • Collect extensive information on each call including acuity, duration, and resolution.
  • Conduct triage using risk assessment and embedded tools.
  • Track referrals and all correspondence.
  • Schedule follow-up calls with automatic reminders to staff members.
  • Access calls and associated details in multiple views.
  • Document call details for “non-consumers” with the ability to attach history when the consumer record is created