PsychConsult Provider® Billing and Receivables Management

Automate your revenue cycle easily and efficiently with PsychConsult Provider’s Billing and Receivables Management. Our simple process results in effective pre-billing edits, reduced claim denials, and expedited payments for services provided.

Billing and Receivables Management allows you to:

  • Create charges automatically from completed clinical services.
  • Support a variety of payor contracts using the flexible charge master.
  • Enforce criteria for successful billing with pre-billing edits.
  • Generate industry-standard paper claim forms, including the CMS-1500 and UB-04, and electronic claims for the HIPAA-compliant transaction sets (ANSI X12N 837) Institutional and Professional.
  • Automate remittance posting (ANSI X12N 835), individual account posting, cash posting and refunds.
  • Manage service-level authorizations and produce alerts based on authorization criteria.
  • Flag accounts in collections and place holds on consumer statements.
  • Verify eligibility electronically (ANSI X12N 270/271) in batch and real time.
  • Filter transactions by date, program, procedure code and payor.
  • Perform rebilling and retroactive billing and reprint claim forms.