PsychConsult Provider® Bed and Census Management

Manage admissions, beds, client discharges, and other census-related activity with PsychConsult Provider’s Bed and Census Management. Our software enables inpatient and residential facilities to capture all the details of a client’s admission through discharge, while optimizing staff productivity, efficiently managing your census, and automatically generating charges.

With Bed and Census Management, you can:

  • Access real-time census information including total capacity, open beds, and percentage of occupancy.
  • View details of units, rooms, and beds.
  • Schedule admissions, discharges, and transfers.
  • Notify staff of tasks required for ADT activity.
  • Assign treatment team members.
  • Create daily room and per diem charges automatically.
  • Document details of units’ service activity.
  • Perform and view unit-specific work tasks.
  • Create new or access existing clinical documents by unit.
  • Manage and create notes for groups.