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PsychConsult® EDI Connect

EDI Connect relies on Mirth as the core of its integration capabilities. EDI Connect is the critical component of PsychConsult Provider that is tasked with handling information exchange with other systems. It centralizes all communication, regardless of whether the messaging is HL7, X12, or DICOM, and whether the information being transmitted is eligibility verification, laboratory results, a CDA, or service charges. EDI Connect provides message logging, error handling, recovery, and retransmission.


Support for Industry Standard messaging formats:

  • HL7 (2.x – 3.0)
  • X12
  • XML
  • Delimited Text

Access to local and remote systems via:

  • Files
  • TCP/IP
  • Database
  • S/FTP
  • Email
  • JMS
  • Web Services

Reliability and Scalability

  • High performance integration engine handles hundreds of messages per second.
  • Message broker with persistent storage eliminates data loss.
  • Advance notification and logging for alerting error situations.
  • Fault Tolerance and Clustering Support for enterprise readiness.
  • Encrypted message storage to ensure HIPAA compliance.


  • Extensions written using industry standard languages Java and JavaScript.
  • Integration with many open source libraries.