For Inpatient/Residential Facilities

Askesis-software-for-inpatient-and-residential-facilities.jpgInpatient and residential behavioral health and substance abuse facilities face declining reimbursement coupled with increasing administrative burdens. To effectively manage these challenges, organizations must:

  • Manage resources effectively
  • Use clinicians’ time efficiently
  • Streamline administration processes

PsychConsult Provider can help you meet these challenges.

  • Bed and Census Management shows real-time occupancy throughout your entire organization and unit details at a glance. Manage admissions using real-time bed search, bed transfer, and bed census summary information in an easy-to-read format that replicates your bed and unit structure. Sign orders while tracking vitals and legal status.
  • Revenue cycle management tools help you streamline your billing and collections and optimize third-party payor relationships. Reduce days in AR and minimize denials by enforcing billing and charge completion rules. Integrate with electronic eligibility, authorization management, and comprehensive AR management tools.
  • EDI Connect lets you seamlessly integrate data from existing and external systems, to see the whole picture when managing patient care.
  • The automated claims processing system incorporates claims validation and electronic eligibility verification to maximize claims submission efficiency.  Adjust payments, customize fee matrices, and design individual payment plans with sliding-fee scales.
  • Order Entry streamlines and integrates lab, diagnostic, and medication orders. Create and track orders for diagnostic tests, patient services, referrals and medications with one-click functionality to re-order, verify, sign or co-sign.
  • In Clinical Documents, clinicians securely record shift notes and observation notes. Automate clinical processes using standard and organizationally defined assessments. Configure documents to increase accuracy and timeliness.

These components work for you to minimize burdens and keep the focus on patients, not paperwork.