For Crisis Services

Crisis-services-software-from-Askesis.jpgCrisis teams provide services in a variety of modalities: over the phone, in the community, and in the residential setting. PsychConsult Provider gives you the tools and technology to support your staff when serving those in crisis -  regardless of where they provide services. 

When a person in crisis reaches out to your organization, real-time data capture - beginning at the initial crisis call - helps your team respond effectively and efficiently.

Call Center and Contact Manager give your team immediate access to vital information, including access to records of all communication with consumers, caregivers, and external agencies.

Throughout the intervention, crisis counselors use Clinical Documents to complete risk assessments and to review existing treatment plans.

In the residential setting, coordinators use Bed and Census Management to instantly retrieve treatment team assignments and identify open beds. And, clinical staff use the MAR to efficiently manage medication distribution.

PsychConsult Provider is clinician-designed to optimize your crisis operations so you can respond with cutting-edge care.