For Community Mental Health Centers

Askesis-community-mental-health-software-solutions.jpgCommunity mental health centers are growing rapidly, yet the demand for services continues to outpace expansion. As more people access community mental health centers for treatment, the types of social services and treatment programs are also expanding. Managing the myriad outpatient, school, and home-based treatment programs for individuals and groups can present complex organizational and administrative challenges. Askesis offers the ideal, adaptive platform to develop, manage, and administer your integrated delivery system: PsychConsult Provider.

PsychConsult Provider's flexible administrative tools:

  • Call Center/Contact Manager manages contact information and contact history.
  • Scheduling supports individual and group appointments, events, and resource allocation.
  • Registration records information needed to deliver consumer-centered, personalized care.
  • Clinical Reception, Notification Service, and Caseload Manager enhance communication between administrative and clinical staff. Intake coordinators use Clinical Reception to schedule an appointment, and then send a reminder through Notification Service to the clinician, who manages the appointment through Caseload Manager.
  • EDI Connect connects disparate systems such as health information exchanges (HIEs), laboratory and pharmacy systems, and practice management systems.

From the simple to-do list that reminds a therapist to cosign a treatment plan, to the most complex, customized clinical document that's integrated with your billing, quality, and security processes, PsychConsult Provider is your solution for creating an advanced, integrated service delivery system.