CCBHC - A Model of Service Delivery, Today and Beyond

Author: Jeffrey D. Sivek, MEd, LSW | Director, Product Management

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) are in the process of taking shape. In response to the Demonstration Project offered through the Excellence in Mental Health Act, 24 states have been received planning grants. From this group, eight will be selected to receive funding for the term of the two-year demonstration project. At this time, much of the activity is centered on the state needs assessment, readiness evaluations and development of cost reports in order to meet the standards of service.

CCBHC Demonstration Program Certification Criteria Categories

A CCBHC will present improved, patient-centered care for all consumers by:

  • Providing community-based mental and substance use disorder services
  • Advancing integration of behavioral health with physical health care
  • Assimilating and utilizing evidence-based practices on a more consistent basis
  • Promoting improved access to high-quality care

Care coordination is the linchpin holding all aspects of CCBHC care together and ensuring CCBHC care is indeed an improvement over existing services.

A CCBHC service will be a new Medicaid provider type. Encounters with the consumer within the scope of service will be reimbursed on a prospect payment system based on cost reporting which includes all of those anticipated to comply with CCBHC criteria. Providers are submitting proposals or have already been selected for inclusion in the state plans. States will be selected this Fall to begin programs in 2017.

“CPC Behavioral Healthcare is very excited that NJ was accepted as one of the 24 states in the planning grant for CCBHC,” said Vera Sansone, CEO. “We see CCBHC as the future of the integration of community behavioral health and primary care and a very innovative national model for financing of behavioral health for decades to come. We are grateful to be one of the seven agencies in NJ chosen to participate in the planning grant.”    

The Askesis team shares the excitement and vision expressed by Ms. Sansone.  We look forward to advancing CCBHC’s goals by partnering with others to apply technological solutions that will assist our customers as they form a new system of care delivery in their respective regions.

CCBHC Timeline

Here are some resources on CCBHC developments:

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